Urban Policy and Policy Making (POL 476/2376)
University of Toronto, St. George Campus

Urban Politics (POL 346)
University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus

Cities and the Environment
University of Colorado, Boulder

Sustainable Water Management
University of California, Santa Barbara


My primary objectives as a teacher are to engage students in problem-oriented, interdisciplinary thinking about the nature of politics and the policy process at the urban scale, and to help students identify ways they can participate and affect the outcomes they care about. I am also passionate about helping students master the tools available to evaluate policy processes and outcomes, and understand political science in an interdisciplinary context.

I design my courses, lectures, assignments, and classroom activities to encourage curiosity and critical thinking while developing students’ understanding of the perspectives and tools used in political science. Discussing competing theories, dissecting real-world examples, and in-class debates are strategies I use to help students evaluate political dynamics and policy outcomes. I focus on developing students’ confidence in their own reasoning by creating an atmosphere of shared learning and dialogue. I appreciate the insights and experiences students bring with them to a class — and respect the time, money, and energy they have invested in their education.



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