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Water Graffiti

I want to call attention to the great work of the Estria Foundation in promoting water awareness, urban sustainability, and justice in cities around the world through their Water Writes initiative. Advertisements

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In the class I’m teaching this semester, Cities and the Environment, we’ve been debating the merits of urbanization from a sustainability perspective. One thing that is becoming clear is that density matters — it helps to determine the efficiency of … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy NYC

Pretty neat footage from NYC

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Dealing with Isaac

I mentioned in an earlier post that the American Political Science Association was thinking about canceling our annual meeting because Hurricane Isaac was predicted to land in New Orleans. In fact the meeting was canceled (although Mark Purdon organized a … Continue reading

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Urban Metabolism is Faster than Ever

Cities have a metabolism — an in and out flow of materials and energy. The pace and scale of this metabolism help to determine how sustainable cities are. At least, this is a popular idea among academics. I spent last … Continue reading

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