Claymation for change

When I was in Mexico City this summer I spent a day in a neighborhood called Iztapalapa. This is the quintessentially poor area of the city. A friend was helping with a project some students from UAM Iztapalapa were working on to raise awareness and promote opportunities for more community-friendly sidewalk designs and zoning options. Their goal was to bring attention to a historically neglected community in Mexico City.

The students decided to make a claymation movie that showed the current streetscape transform into a green, community-oriented neighborhood. It helped that they are planning students — they came up with some pretty impressive design ideas. The project was inspiring, especially because the students were spending an entire Saturday working on these clay pieces and coming up with design ideas for the “new” neighborhood. No class credit, no pay.

You can watch the video here.

Some photos of the day:


Meeting in Iztapalapa


Getting out the clay


The project really meant a lot to them

Discussing alternatives

Celebrating a job well done, on the roof

View of the city from Iztapalapa (you can just make out the skyline)

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