First Post

I have wanted to launch this website for a long time — I’ve had the domain name for over a year. Then in the last eighteen months I finished my PhD, worked a summer stint at UCLA, started a postdoctoral position in Colorado, and spent nine weeks in the field abroad. I’m not pulling the busy card — everyone has one of those. Instead it seems the time is finally right. I am in a position now that I can reflect not only my work, but on the broader landscape of work (academic and otherwise) that is taking place in, on, and around cities. And why not share? (in a completely sane way, of course)

My strategy to start with will be to pick, twice a week, a paper, newspaper article, or report to write about. They’ll be current and interesting (to me at least!) and hopefully start some good conversations. I’ll also include a photo each time that I’ve taken of a unique, beautiful, or weird scene from a city.

So, off we go!

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